Ooops, it’s really been a while. I’ve been off doing summer stuff, and mostly worrying about someone who is now doing much better, thank goodness.

I have also spent time walking through the woods, looking for mushrooms, but not finding any, probably because we have had little to no rain this summer, and the ground is just too dry for any mushrooms to sprout.

The forest, however, is beautiful as always, even if there is something missing from this picture.

7 thoughts on “Oh”

  1. Very glad to here about being off doing summer stuff!
    LOVE your photo (always do though!) – ummm – but sooo flipping exhausted (even more late night drama – gaaaah!) – it escapes me what may possibly be missing from your picture, hmmm.
    ALWAYS look forward to the morether of YOU though!!!

      1. Oh it’s alright – NONE of this will right itself until I am back home again and that’s still two months out – all the more baloney to be anticipatory of – CAK!

  2. I know where all of your rain has fallen. It’s the wet season here and we’ve had rain at least once a week for the last month or so. I’d send you some if I could so you could get your mushrooms.


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