The Best Weeks of the Year

No, I haven’t drowned in that little pool. It’s spent some time in the basement, in fact, as the heatwave ended (and started again yesterday, so it’s back up).

It’s been a bit busy around here, and in between, I’ve been living La Dolce Vita, realizing that it is strawberry season and that these weeks are the best weeks of the summer. So, I’ve concentrated on LIVING them and ENJOING them to the fullest.

First, we had to get rid of a rather large pine tree that was infested by bark beetles and was dying. To do this, we hired a professional “tree climber”.

I’ve also been doing some of this:

…and enjoying the bounties of the season by having buttered tagliatelli with fresh truffles*….

..and making crepes and filling them with a homemade strawberry filling and garnishing them with fresh strawberries and cream:


*I was gifted a truffle slicer some 15 years ago and always use it to slice garlic. This year, I finally used it to slice real truffles. ‘Bout time.


We are being subjected to a heatwave of some length at the moment, and as our summer temps don’t usually get up to the high 80s and low 90s, normal homes do not have A/C. As a result, when the high temperatures are sustained for more than a few days, it’s a bit uncomfortable – especially the sleeping part.

I knew this weather was coming, and as I contemplated how to best deal with it, I had a brilliant idea.

I’m one of those mean adults who always envies the little kids that get to splash in their little pools in the summer. So, I went online to look and see if there isn’t something affordable and doable that is available for adults. I found something for under 40 €, and ordered it.

The discussion (or objections) by the folks surrounding this little pool, as it was on its merry way to being delivered, were exhausting.

“It’s a silly idea.”

“You’re going to ruin the lawn.”

“You’ll need 2 cubic meters of water just to fill it.” (In Germany, cubic meters is a common measure of volume – 1 cbm is 1000 liters)

“It will take the water three days to warm up enough for anyone to go in it.”

“Where on earth will you put it?”

“No one is going to use it.”

“Leaves and dirt will soil it.”

“Stop being a child.”

It got here yesterday. The’ve all shut up now and think it’s great.

*rolls eyes*

Toady, quite Toady

This is the second of two toads I’ve managed to “save” from my basement window wells in the last two days. Yesterday’s toad was quite large, bigger than the palm of my hand, but this guy seems to be a bit of a youngster:

I’ll be checking the window wells on a daily basis to avoid any toad deaths.

I’m delighted that we have toads in our little garden 🙂

Finished at Last

I realized this was an ambitious project, but underestimated the time it would take mainly because it is an oversized sweater and there were lots and lots of stitches to knit.

But it is done and I’ve tried it on, and as a sweater to put on when the summer evening gets a bit cooler, I think it will become one of my favorites.

Sleeves (make 2)

I have finally finished the entire front of what I am now choosing to call the “insane” sweater project. Insane because though not particularly difficult, knitting 7 iterations of four different patterns with differing iterations leads to mistakes. It can, and it did, and I frogged and corrected, time and time again, but alas, it is almost done.

All that’s left now to do are the sleeves, and it occurred to me, that on the knitting directions, they always state something along the lines of Sleeves: (make two). Duh. Really? Two sleeves? What a ground-breaking concept, making a sweater with TWO sleeves as opposed to one.

<end rant>

Though yes, I admit, if this is all I’ve got to rant about today, then my life must be good.

Ok, Who did this?

Because it is brilliant and because I completely envy people who can photoshop, and use it for such creative things.

I have no idea who’s work this is, I’d love to credit them for it.

Roasted Chicken

We recently bought an electric rotisserie for our new gas grill, and so for our long weekend (its Pentecost), we decided to roast a five pound chicken.

It was delicious.

Simply Wonderful

*wipes dust off blog*

I had the chance this past weekend to spend an entire day with the grown daughter of my good friend Jen (we’ve been friends since 1976 and haven’t seen each other in almost as many years).

Thanks to a scholarship that she earned, Emma is participating in an extensive study trip that had her in Munich for 8 days, followed by 3-4 in Nürnberg, and ending with an extensive stay in Berlin.

I picked Emma up at her hotel in Munich Saturday morning, and took her to see some of the places that Jen and I used to spend time around, most notably our old high school and the movie theatre, both of which still exist and are still being used exactly for those purposes.

We then headed out of town on the scenic route, which took us by the Starnberger See, Andechs, and then to my house where we took a short break before heading off to a typical Bavarian lunch in a small town very near here, which recently celebrated its 1200th birthday.

After lunch, we toured the local church which is quite large and somewhat famous, having been constructed by a well-known church builder, and then we bought some white bread at the store and headed to the lake to feed the geese and ducks, and watched the large paddle-board steamboat approach from across the lake and tie up to the dock. Eventually, it blew its whistle, signaling it’s continuance on its journey around the lake.

Returning to my humble abode, we chatted and eventually broke the seal of that fabulous prosecco.

All in all, I thought it was a splendid day and I hoped that I hadn’t bored Emma to death (I was later assured that I hadn’t).

I felt incredibly lucky to meet this beautiful, intelligent, poised and extremely well-mannered young woman.

It was a good day.


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