The Summer of the Century

(somehow it seems).

We have had temperatures between 75-80° F since the beginning of May, sometimes even hotter, with very little rain.

There are huge cracks in the ground in the lawn. However, my roses and melons are loving this. I am too.

The next three weeks are mine – these are the three weeks I look forward to the entire year – three weeks with no obligations, no musts, just my jeans-cut-offs and my garden, three weeks barefoot and outside.

The vet said our dog is too fat. We’ve been giving him diet food rations for four months now and he just isn’t losing an ounce. Thinking this might be due to the fact that he lies around and sleeps all day (especially in the summer heat), I got my inliners out of the closet yesterday and put him through some fitness training. Ta da – even without breaking any of my bones, ain’t that amazing?

I have got to practice using those strange brakes, I think I loosened up at least four traffic signs trying to slow my pace on the way home………

The Jersey

The story belonging to the jersey, in Jen’s own words:

“The Tennessee Titans Jersey that Sebastian is wearing in that picture is a legitimate football jersey wore by whoever the football player is – his Big Brother Rick some how or other got the jersey and took a picture of Sebastian wearing it – I thought it was great the way it devoured him! Matter of fact it was taken the very same day that Sebastian appeared [NOT for the first time either] on the Talk of the Town [local newsy kind of talk show] Sebastian and Rick were talking about the merits of what it means to have a Big Brother/Little Brother – it is however the very first time that I have actually SEEN him on the show – everyone else in the world sees my kid but ME – I have heard about it over the course of over 2 years when he and Rick have made various appearances on the news promoting Big Brother/Big Sister and I either never knew about the airing of the show OR flat out missed the thing – so it was exciting for me to FINALLY see this airing – even some stranger also remembered seeing him on the show – just as long as he stays level headed about this minor celebrity thing and takes it all in stride than it’s ALL good!”

Goodbye to a Great Lady

Goodbye to a Great Lady

New York Times

Katharine Hepburn, the actress whose independent life and strong-willed movie characters made her a role model for generations of women and a beloved heroine to filmgoers for more than 60 years, died yesterday at her home in the Fenwick section of Old Saybrook, Conn. She was 96 and also had a home in Manhattan.

Her physical presence was distinctive, her often-imitated voice filled with the vowels of a well-bred New Englander, and her sharp-planed face defined by remarkably high cheekbones. In her youth she did not have classical leading-lady looks, but a handsome beauty. In old age she was a familiar figure with her hair, gradually changing from auburn to gray, always in a topknot and her boyish figure always in the trousers that she helped to make fashionable.


How to Beat the Heat

Instructions on how to beat the summer heat:

1) Get yourself a Sauna – Tub (Barrel like container, holds about 250 gallons of water).

2) Fill the Sauna-Tub with rain water.

3) Place a plastic garden chair in the sauna tub.

4) Obtain a pewter beer mug (careful, once you have had a beer out of a pewter mug, you will never want a glass again – I don’t know why but beer tastes best out of pewter).

5) Fill the mug.

6) Change into bathing attire.

7) Enter the Tub and have a seat – see below:

A Joke

Sorry, have to post this. I know I did a blond joke yesterday, but Jen sent me this and it is just too good.

A man was in his front yard mowing grass when his attractive blonde female neighbor came out of the house and went straight to the mailbox.

She opened it then slammed it shut &stormed back in the house. A little later she came out of her house again went to the mail box and again, opened it, slammed it shut again. Angrily, back into the house she went.

As the man was getting ready to edge the lawn, here she came out again, marched to the mail box, opened it and then slammed it closed harder than ever. Puzzled by her actions the man asked her, “Is something wrong?”

To which she replied, “There certainly is!”

(Are you ready? …. this is a beauty – read below .)

My stupid computer keeps saying, “YOU’VE GOT MAIL.”

A Joke

A blonde was speeding in a 35 mile per hour zone when a local police cruiser pulled her over and the officer walked up to the car. The female police officer also happened to be a blonde and she asked for the blonde’s driver’s license.

The driver searched frantically in her purse for a while and finally said to the blonde policewoman, “What does a driver’s license look like?”

Irritated, the blonde cop said, “You dummy, it’s got your picture on it!”

The blonde driver frantically searched her purse again and found a small rectangular mirror down at the bottom. She held it up to her face and said, “Aha! This must be my driver’s license,” and handed it to the blonde policewoman.

The blonde cop looked in the mirror, handed it back to the driver and said, “You’re free to go. And, if I had known you were a police officer too, we could have avoided all this hassle.”


It is amazing to me how quickly a four-day weekend can pass. Here it is Sunday night already, and tomorrow I’ve to put my nose back to the old grindstone. Ugh.

Jen, I tried calling you today but you weren`t home and your answering machine wasn’t on either. Will try again next weekend.

Didn’t catch any fish this weekend, kinda frustrating, but if they aren’t biting there isn’t a damn thing you can do. Well, go and buy one I guess, but that’s beneath my principles.

Finally called Dad today, figured I’d make it a round week of being late to congratulate him. I don’t think he was upset.

Mom told me its been raining there since April 27, and everything is kinda floating away.

Here, we have been having summerly temperatures since the end of April, which are way over normal levels here. Usually it rarely goes above 80, we have had days in a row of 88 – 90 degrees.

Kinda nice, the geraniums are growing, the tomatoes are six feet high, and thanks to Mom’s seeds, I have got melons!

(no outta line comments here, folks).

Does anyone out there have construction plans for a winding staircase? If so let me know, as renovations are planned here for July and we will be putting one in so that I can access the upper level of the house (instead of the ladder I’ve so fondly grown accustomed to).

Gotta go outside and enjoy the rest of this wonderful summer evening….


The post below is, for those of you who do not speak German, Uwe’s account of a large brown slug, which I had seen twice while fishing late in the evening recently. (post lost)

I saw it once, while I was keeping my eye on my bobbers, out of the corner of my eye as the slug crept out of the underbrush.

The second time I saw him was 20 minutes later, hanging 3/4 of the way in my freshly opened can of beer.

(No, I didn’t drink the rest after removing the slug). ugh.

Today is a holiday here (not in all of Germany, just in Bavaria). Bavaria has a few more holidays than Germany due in part to the large catholic population.

So, I’m off to go do the holiday thing…..


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