Father’s Day

Of course I didn’t call him from work either. Forgot. Duh.

Someone asked me about the knitting link to the left. Yes, I have taken up knitting. I knitted about 14 pairs of socks this winter. After the first pair I was hooked. Guess it was kinda therapeutic for me, kinda helped me ease the stress at work.

Once you’ve worn a pair of hand-knitted socks in the winter, you will never want to wear others, believe me. And they really aren’t difficult, once you’ve gotten the concept. If anyone needs instructions, I will be glad to send them. I might take orders, ask me, it can’t hurt!

Today was a great day. Uwe’s second quarterly post-chemo checkup showed no new growths.

He is cooking sicilian pasta for us tonight and we will be celebrating with a nice cold rose from the south of France to accompany our pasta.

Brain Drain

Ugh. Monday morning and actually I gotta get to work.

Am always doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Tried to call Jen yesterday, only got her answering machine.

Should have called Dad, yesterday was Father’s Day. Called last week, but it was a week too early.

(In Germany, Father’s Day is in May, which is why I have trouble keeping track of this holiday.)

Hope he isn’t upset, will call him today – which is difficult, due to the time difference. Will have to call from work in order to catch him at lunch time.

So, Dad, if you are checking the site, Happy Father’s Day to you!

Ok, folks. Have decided to restrict my political activities to my blog at “Never Be Silent” and provide you here with the usual amount of stuff about me, families, foto galleries, comics, poems, odd stuff, news about my latest biggest fish and so on.

In short, am itching to do some funny stuff again.

On this page, I will just let politics “kma”.

I hope that there will be some contributions from my friend Jennifer (we went to High School together in Munich anno 1976).

Anyone is welcome to contribute – send me an email and I will set up a posting account for you. I mean all of you, Gene, Dad, Pat, Mom, Alex, Sylvia, Uwe, and so on and so forth…..

This is up until now my big catch of the season…..

’twas a Rainbow Trout with 2.250 grams (about five american pounds).

Yes, it was tasty (though I just about had a coronary reelin’ her in…..)

Give me a few days time to get up and running here with links and fotos, and feel free to contribute or mail me for posting access!


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