Projects and Little Critters

I’ve commenced with the annual task of sanding down the table that is on my porch. Every year, there’s quite a difference between the aged, weathered surface and the lovely wood hiding underneath.

Now, yesterday, I discovered an entire “clump” of freshly hatched, teensy tiny spiders in one of my geranium boxes:

And thanks to all of the sanding dust I created, I discovered a very intricate, very tiny spider web created on the other side of the porch by one of those very tiny spiders:

It’s the little discoveries in life that make me happy.

5 thoughts on “Projects and Little Critters”

  1. Sanding? Got it. Hatched spider eggs, and freshly webbed webs by said hatched spider – ONLY YOU! Yeeesh, insects still creep me out in a massive way! In earnest, I do however, respect and admire your ability to feel all warm and fuzzy toward the all the creepy crawlies!

    1. I do love the creepy crawly creatures, I can’t help it.
      And most of them, when you have a close look, are actuallly quite fascinating.

  2. Not you’re fault I have a phobia. Despite that, I do like spider webs – when they don’t have a big creepy crawly in them. And they do have to be big creepy crawlies. The little ones don’t bother me as much.

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