Prosecco and Tomatoes

I can’t report back on the Prosecco yet, as it is still being chilled. My father had a brilliant idea about it which I’ve decided to implement. It will remain in the refrigerator chilling, and will be shared in May with Emma, the grown-up daughter of my friend Jen whom I haven’t seen in around 40 years. It kind of blows my mind, really.

At this weeks visit to our small open-air market, I needed tomatoes for two different things I’m cooking this week (bell peppers stuffed with a mixture of aubergine, tomatoes, olives, potatoes, gruyere, sardines and capers, and later in the week tacos).

The vegetable stand at our market is always offering a wide range of fresh organic vegetables, and I continue to be amazed at some of what is offered – for example, this winter they had, in addition to fresh red beets, yellow beets. One of their suppliers is a larger farm not far from here that specialises in “forgotten” vegetable types, lots of root vegetables like turnips and yes, yellow beets.

Back to the tomatoes. I bought these:

I thought there was something wrong with them, or that they weren’t ripe yet, but upon my asking, I was told that they were in fact perfectly ripe and are known as “black tomatoes”.

I’ve since googled them (it’s a habit I have, I google everything, though I use DuckDuckGo to do so) and apparently, there are many varieties of black/purple tomatoes. The ones I have are apparently the “Black Krim” variety.

I’ll report back on the supportedly extreme tastefulness.

6 thoughts on “Prosecco and Tomatoes”

  1. Oh holy craaa-aaap – gob-smacked much?! Literally made me cry (shame on you) – you and your father are VERY kind and thoughtful to think to do this with Emma, geez-o-pete what does one say to such an overture?! LOVE your tomatoes! We get some around here – but they have to be gotten from the Farmer’s Market ONLY, and that’s when they’re in. Your stuffed bell peppers sound AMAZING! And who doesn’t thoroughly enough Mexican/Taco’s?! I know the two of us certainly do! We’re going to try our hand at cooking scallops (never have done that) round about Easter. Never have heard of DuckDuckGo – but I have heard of Blackle (something about it being an energy saving search engine). Forty-Shmorty ‘the Love’s Still Growing’ baby!

    1. Gosh – never intended to make you cry. I just thought it was a splendid idea!
      Scallops are easy. Just don’t overcook – they get rubbery. We marinate them in olive oil, fresh ginger, garlic and rosemary for a few hours before popping them onto a very hot griddle (or frying pan) for just a few minutes on each side.
      Scallops. *salivates*

      1. Only with AGE have I grown so oddly emotional – the damndest things may set me off – so don’t mind me just overlook my lame arse!

  2. I’ve never heard of black tomatoes. Had to google them to see what was up. Very odd looking, especially the pictures with the dark skins and the red insides. You definitely need to let us know how the taste.

    1. Yeah – the really black ones that have the same color as eggplant – weird, huh?
      Tastewise, mine were very good, especially considering that it just isn’t tomato season yet and they are probably out of a hot house this early in the year. Quite good in fact. I’d be really curious as to how the summer version would taste – probably amazing. I’ll try to get some later in the year.

  3. We grow some tomatoes like that each year. They are heirlooms, too. Start out like green zebras and turn very dark when fully ripe.
    Farmer’s markets are the best!

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