Silly Crows

The crows that we’ve been feeding for years stopped coming to the feeder place in late summer. I continued to put food out for a while, but they just didn’t come.

I still saw them around the street near the house, collecting sticks, looking for food, so I knew they were still around (adult pairs of crows are territorial and stick to their territories).

Last week, I saw one of the crows had landed on the roof of the garage, where I always scatter bird food. (I try to keep the birds feeding as high up as possible, since there are cats around. )

The crow was apparently picking the peanut halves from the bird seed. I went out and put a boiled egg out (I always just cut them in half, shell and all) and the egg halves were soon gone.

I repeated this on a daily basis, and now the crows check back throughout the day to see if anything new has been put out for them.

Did they just forget about their feeding place last year? Found enough food on their own? Gotten scared off by something?

Seriously odd. But I’m glad they’re back. And I know for a fact that they’re nesting in the chestnut alley in front of the property. Maybe there will be young to see in a month or so.

2 thoughts on “Silly Crows”

  1. I was wondering about your little friends – I’m so glad that they hopped back on the clue bus though and found their way back to you!

  2. Glad they are back! We have a Cardinal family that live in the bracken bushes on the side of our driveway. Our neighbors wanted us to clear it out, but I told them no because of the beautiful Cardinals. They’re not happy, but tough luck.
    There is something that happens inside me when I see a bright red, Mr. Cardinal. It takes my breath away for a moment.

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