Such a Bore

I’ve been such a bore and retreated into my shell in the last few weeks.

We’ve had weeks of bad weather – bad meaning, plunging temperatures, icy rain, nighttime frost – and so, in between the navel gazing, I’ve been treated to lots of free exercise in carring potted plants in and out of the house. So often in fact, that all of the outdoor plants, including the hanging petunias, now have predetermined spaces here in the house.

This week, we’re being treated to a bunch of cold air coming from the polar circle, which is why temps this morning are just at 38F and it’s been raining elephants and hippos. Our weather for the extended Easter weekend was no better.

All that translates into extra knitting time, though I’d rather be doing things outdoors, and it enabled me to finish that blanket in what appears to be record time. However, it was knitted with a 6,5 mm (US 10 1/2) needle, so it went very fast. I did extend the size of the blanket by adding an extra row of squares at the top. I’m very pleased with the result. It was knitted with two strands (one woolen sock yarn and one alpaca) and is wonderfully soft and warm.

7 thoughts on “Such a Bore”

  1. Brilliantly described weather! I wouldn’t be sad if you could send any of it this way! Absolutely LOVE your blanket, very wise move to enlarge it!

  2. I cannot begin to tell you how I have climbed into my shell and gone into hiding. Since getting sick I have quite literally hidden from the world. Two days ago I got a bill from my insurance company for $12,000.00 for services they said were not covered and I wanted to die. I couldn’t even speak about it.
    Today I called and while trying not to cry, told them that they’d made a mistake. After several minutes the woman said, “oh, that doesn’t look right, this must be calculated again”. I’m hopeful that this is over, but our healthcare here is so messed up, who knows.

    1. Not bad enough being seriously ill, being presented with an invoice of that amount is just adding insult to injury. Hope it all works out in your favor.

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