Such Lovely Snow!

We are getting some really nice powder snow. Just yesterday, I happened to catch a glimpse of my dusty cross country skis in the basement, thinking that this year, I would not have the opportunity to use them.

That may change.

It is to continue to snow here throughout the night, so I might even get a bit of skiing in this week – wonderful.

For those of you wondering – yes, I could go skiing more often – I would just have to drive the 30 or so miles to Oberammergau or Linderhof (around which there is a 20 km cross country ski run – also the locale of the annual King Ludwig races. There is always snow there in winter. I just don’t like getting in the car, driving for 45 minutes, getting a good workout on the skis and then sitting on my butt again for the drive home. I get stiff doing that. Really. And it kinda takes all the romance out of just skiing across the fields around here.

Geez. Has this been a boring post or what?!

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