Summer Off / Autumn On

Though according to the calendar, Fall starts later this month, the meteorogical begin is September 1. This is the first time I’ve ever observed such a drastic change of weather here. Our August was unusually warm, all the way to the end, and just as if someone had pushed a button, from September 1 and onward we’ve been at about 55 degrees, mostly gray, with some rain and nighttime temperatures are beginning to endanger my tomatoes. I’m not complaining about the weather though, in fact, I’ve gone into autumn mode and yesterday, actually began to use some of our apples in a Tarte Normande Aux Pommes (a fancy way of saying a Normandy Cake with Apples).

It is baked in multiple stages – first the shell is half-baked, then the apples, having been tossed with cinnamon and sugar are partially baked, then a custard-like mixture is poured over them and it is returned to the oven. 10 minutes before the end, it is generously sprinkled with powdered sugar (which I then caramelized with my culinary torch once the cake was done).

The story featuring yours truly in the county newspaper was reprinted in the local (town) newspaper and I am now reluctant to leave the house, in fear of being recognised as the crazy butterfly lady. 😉

Yes, I’ve been knitting, too. I’ll do a separate post about that, there have been projects throughout.

Last but not least, a shoutout to Jen for sending me this lovely ceramic coaster out of the clear blue. I love it!

4 thoughts on “Summer Off / Autumn On”

  1. It is the very BEST time of year (ummm as far as I am concerned!). The Normandy Cake with Apples looks STUNNING (no surprise there!)
    Really? How incredibly cool a minor celebrity, all knowledgeable about butterflies and so much more!
    Even I look forward to your knitting, because I love your creations!
    Cash is just always IN!

  2. Before Harvey hit here, we had temperatures in the upper 90s with a feels like range in the low 100s. Since then, the temperatures have been in the upper 80s. It seems like autumn has come here as well. I’m not complaining.

    The apple cake looks wonderful. Makes my mouth water.

  3. I made an apple crisp last night for Jack. We’d gone out for dinner recently with friends and I ordered it, but Jack was reluctant because of all the sugar. So I made a diabetic friendly version. It came out well.
    I also started an afghan for my granddaughter after she announced, that she had outgrown all her baby blankets! LOL It’s a bunch of wild child colors and a simple crochet stitch. I haven’t said anything on Dackel Princess, as this is a surprise for her Christmas gift!

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