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A Reading Recommendation

I read (or listen) to a lot of books annually, somewhere between 100-150. ¬†(Though at the moment, I’m stuck on the philosophy tome because I’ve subscribed to too many albeit excellent podcasts.)

There are a lot of good books out there, some very good, others, good but nothing to write home about, and some that I struggle through to finish them nevertheless.

One of the most excellent works I’ve come across in the last few years is the “Disruption” Series by R.E. McDermott. The books’ premise is solid, the character development excellent, the plot is believable and the suspense is successfully kept up from chapter to chapter. These four attributes are the necessary ingredients to a good read, but most authors fail to achieve¬†all four. R.E. McDermott manages wonderfully.

I told my father about the series and he was intrigued; I was dismayed that the books were available only in english. My father’s speaking english is good (being the die-hard ham-radio operator that he is) but reading a novel in english is a challenge that he finds daunting and strenous. So, I left a comment/question on R.E. McDermott’s website, and got an answer from the man himself. Yes, the volumes will be appearing in German soon. His response to my comments were very kind and forthcoming.

So, go grab the first in the series, “Under A Tell-Tale Sky” and if you like it, take the time to leave a review wherever you end up purchasing it.

If you aren’t a customer of audible, I am able to “gift” the audiobook version to one person. The picture below links to Audible, but the books are available at Amazon also.