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I Completely Forgot

….to do a food porn shot of the tandoori chicken, but it turned out very well – very spicy and exotic, though not spicy in a hot sense of the word. In terms of hotness, I’d rate it “comfortably warming”.

I’m taking it into the normal cooking repertoire, though I may be renaming it to “cowboy chicken” instead of “indian” chicken for equal opportunity purposes 😉

Amazingly rejuvenated by two days of summer weather with endless sun spent in the great outdoors of my little world, I leave here with a quote of the day:

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

(Bernard Meltzer)

Spreading Sunshine

A very long-time and dear friend brought a lot of sunshine into my life yesterday with this totally unexpected early birthday gift:


I’ve uncapped it to have a sniff and satisfy my curiosity. It smells fabulous. I’ll see how it tastes tomorrow 🙂

You, my dear friend, amaze me. And it always floors me how we still understand each other so well, despite the fact that we became such good friends at the tender age of 14 – and despite the fact that the last time we saw each other live and in person was about 1977/8. People change with the years that go by, but amazingly, our friendship hasn’t changed.

Thank you for making my day – and thank you for being such a good friend.

Life is Odd, Sometimes

It struck me as very odd, and very rare last night, after getting off the phone.

It is possible to have been best friends with a person at the age of fourteen and, despite not having seen each other in almost forty years, still have a close and intimate friendship at the age of 52.

That’s very rare indeed, and very dear to me.

So, I’d like to thank my very good friend Jennifer for everything. For being the wonderfully boisterous and warm individual who can always make me laugh, no matter what. For being tolerant of my moods and forgiving my (sometimes very long) absences from her life. And for being truly the best friend I have ever had.

For Jen, I am reviving this old blog. I’m dusting off the cobwebs and the site will be changed and tweaked in the following days and weeks. I never realized how much you enjoyed it, Jen, so here I am and I am back.

Look forward to rantings, ravings, recipes and pictures. A cornucopia of everything that life throws and us.

Thank you Jen. I love you.

Speak Up! (whoever you are)

(though I’ve got an inkling)

I received a package today containing this mysterious black velvet object:

This is what was inside of it:

It’s a most excellent real mexican Tequila. The birthday card (my birthday is four weeks away) that was included was not signed, but I think I know who sent this. Will have to check that hunch per separate email. Either way, this most excellent tequila will not be “wasted” on Margaritas – it will be enjoyed pure. How’d you know all the lemons on my tree are ripe????

Thank you!

Lunch with Ms. Mac!

Yup. Got on the Kiwi this morning at 9.00 a.m. and headed for Lake Constance, where I crossed the border into Austria and shortly thereafter, into Switzerland.

I would love to continue by saying that we met in the lovely town of St. Margrethen, but I cannot. Oh, we did meet, but the town is somewhat unusual.

Ms. Mac and I met at a parking place, as planned. We had both assumed it would be a parking lot and were both pleasantly surprised that it was an underground garage, providing us both with a bit of “cool” air as the summer heat returned to this region today with a roar.

Let me start by saying that Ms. Mac is even more gorgeous in person than she is on her blog, a radiant woman exhuding lots of humour, common sense, intelligence and just lots of fun to be around.

Our initial plan was to walk about town a bit, finding the “Altstadt” (german for old part of town – usually meaning hundreds if not more years).

It felt to me like 35C in the shade and we began walking around town. There was little shade anywhere, and eventually we saw a large old church up on a hill. Deciding this must be the center of the “Altstadt” as it is in most towns, we proceeded up. Through steep little winding paths that took us between people’s houses. After a short break to catch our breath, a futile effort to cool down and stop sweating, we thought we had reached the church but there was a fence between us and the church and no way to get around it other than go around a block of houses. The church was surrounded by suburban style homes, no sign of an Altstadt anywhere (though we did find the town’s small school).

We decided to return to the Bahnhof (train station) area and did manage to find someplace to eat.

We had a lovely lunch together at the Hotel Ochsen. The Wurstsalad (ok. – this is going to sound weird) sausage and cheese salad was ok, but the Bavarian version (oil and vinegar and not mayonnaise) would have been better. Accompanied by two alcohol-free beers (as we were both driving) which quenched our thirst.

And followed by two hours of talking about this and that, boys and Australia and fishing and motorcyles and Moms and villages and life in general.

I had a wonderful time with Ms.Mac. Absolutely wonderful.

Her gift of Swiss beer and Swiss chocolate was wonderful. Amazingly, the chocolate did not melt on the way home. I have placed both of them in fridge and will report on them tomorrow.

Can’t wait to repeat this meeting. Thanks, Ms. Mac!!!!!


It hasn’t been a lack of things to say which has kept me from blogging, more so a lot of things I want to say but cannot or should not at this point.

At least not until the legal dispute has been settled. Let me just say that I am extremely disappointed. In someone who purported to be my friend for a number of years. With whom I shared many a meal at my table, some festive, some more casual. Whom I let sleep in my bed when too many glasses of wine had been consumed and driving home was not a viable option for her. Whose technical problems I tried to solve – be it the PC or the DVD player. Etc., etc. etc.

But, whatever. In reply to your attorney I have sought my own and we will let them sort things out, shall we?

On a more positive note, we had a lovely outing yesterday to Austria. Took the bikes up through a bit of the Alps just across the border and drove along this lovely lake, at which we stopped for a breather. I could not stop myself from climbing down the rocky embankment, disrobing and jumping in for a quick cool down.

Here’s proof: 😉

Above, dressed again and wonderfully cooled.

He Passed! (I didn’t expect any less)

I got “bumped” off the Friday driving test list but my father didn’t (isn’t life unfair?).

He said that the tester from the TÜV was of the nicer type and the 60 minutes went around without a hitch. The tester was also somewhat impressed with the fact that a 64-year old was getting his motorcycle license.

Luckily, yours truly gets to have the same tester on Monday.

And I need all of you to cross your fingers for me Monday afternoon. Just in case.

The person who absolutely made my day: Ms. Mac.

I mentioned our Book Exchange sometime ago, I think. The European English Book Exchange, currently with a small and intimate membership; we exchange the english language books we’ve read amongst each other.

Quite as a surprise to me, Ms.Mac sent me the “Da Vinci Code” which I had mentioned wanting to read in a comment on her blog sometime ago. Along with the book, I received a lovely bookmark and some real swiss chocolate. Hmmmm. Thank you!!!!!!!

Put quite a smile on my face, she did.

Another Year Older

but so it goes.

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday – you made my day! It was a lovely birthday, quiet and relaxed.

Actually, the most noteworthy occurrence yesterday was when I bumped into my neighbor (who is Irish) and ended up reminding him that it was St. Patrick’s Day. (He has been really busy renovating and forgot, I guess, despite the fact that he flew to the Emerald Isle last night).

I received some really nice gifts and special things. My dear friend Jen managed to send a bottle of Jack Daniel’s (in addition to lots of other nice things). This, however, was not just any Jack Daniel’s, but a very pretty bottle of “Single Barrel” 45% Jack Daniel’s.

I spent all evening sniffing it – it smells wonderful. Later on, my step-mom and father were here and got to join me in a sip of it. Very nice. Will be locking that away for special occasions only.

My Dear Friend Jennifer

and I went to high school together in Munich for about a year when we were both fourteen. We were inseparable, crazy, absolutely nuts and half the school noticed us because we were constantly laughing about one thing or another.

Rama lama lama, ka dinky dink dinky dong

Shoo wap shoo wabi dabi …….. (anyone remember that?)

One year only – to think what we might have achieved had we had more time ;-), but her father was transferred stateside and that was that.

At some point after high school, we lost touch with each other. Completely.

The Internet reunited us in about (correct me if I am wrong here, Jen) 2001, we instant messaged for a few days and then spoke for eons on the phone – and have kept close contact ever since. What has always amazed me is how we just clicked onto where we left off – after almost 40 years – it’s like she’s been there next to me all along.

Jen lives in Nashville with her two wonderful kids (of whom I have posted pictures now and then). I love her dearly.

When Jen sends me packages – birthdays or Christmas or sometimes just for the heck of it, they always take at least 8 weeks to get here and by the time they arrive on my doorstep, customs has had a look inside. (Sometimes they even try to slap import charges on stuff, as they did with an incredibly large shipment of afghan yarn she sent me last year – 3 boxes, I think, with a total of 34 skeins – customs thought it was an industrial shipment). I haven’t finished that afghan yet, Jen, but it is coming, trust me.

So – imagine my surprise the day before yesterday when I saw a box on my doorstep, from none other than Jen. With my Christmas presents. Mailed in Nashville on October 7 and arriving here on October 12. I imagine she must about have fallen off her chair when she got my mail saying the package had arrived in five days.

Kinda had to share that warm fuzzy feeling. Thanks Jen.

(Post edited 08/16 to correct dates and time spans)