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Things in the Night

Per chance, I came across a relatively game trail camera and purchased it. We have lots of sensor-activated outdoor lights in the garden and often, late in the evening, I notice them going on and off.

Whether it be cats, hedgehogs, foxes, martens – I’ve always been curious as to what creatures come through under cover of darkness.

The first two nights, the camera recorded nothing – just me setting it up and it getting taken down again in the morning.

Last night, it took some video footage and while viewing it, had me scratching my head. Only after watching it a few times I finally saw the mouse that appears to jump out of the flowerpot in the right of the frame and dash across the lawn.

Just a mouse, but it’s a start. Kind of see-through though. Maybe it’s not a mouse, just leaves.

I’ll stay on it.


Winter Games

As I usually do around the holidays, I’ve been playing games. There are so many awesomely innovative and beautiful games out there for little money, I’ll share some of my recent favorites with you here.

I dug out my favorite from last year, Leo’s Fortune, and gave it another go (even though I finished it last year). It’s available for all platforms and I can only highly recommend it.

I finally got around to finishing Machinarium (all platforms) by Amanita Design which I started last year. It’s a rather unusual game with a world that is a feast for the eyes and lots of puzzles and riddles to solve, some that are actually very humorous.




My favorite game this year is by far, however, Samorost 3 (also by Amanita Design) also available for all platforms. You play as a little space gnome, help a crazy scientist build a spaceship for you, and then go off to explore various worlds, filled with riddles and surprises. An absolutely beautiful game that also contains a card riddle which blew me away (you can see a bit of it in the video clip below).


Tap Your Feet

I dug this up out of the archives, because I think it will brighten everyone’s day.

It’s virtually imposssible to listen to this without at least tapping your feet. I usually end up in a hysterically bad dance around the living room. No, there won’t be a video.

In my humble opinion, these are 3+ absolutely golden minutes of cinema.
They don’t make ’em like they used to.

Egg Experiments

I love the internet for a million different reasons. It is full of useful things, funny things, appalling things. I love the fact that whenever I get curious about anything, I can just use a search engine to glean more information. I am not sure how we ever managed without it.

I recently read a somewhat odd but entertaining novel, in which the main character tells about “floating silver eggs in water” and I got curious as to whether it is indeed possible to make an egg float in the middle of water and have it appear silver.

My searching got me to this site, which is extremely interesting, IMHO, and which will enlighten you about all KINDS of ways to experiment with eggs.

And yes, I’m planning to try the “Floating Eggs” experiment in conjunction with the “Silver Egg” experiment. I’ll take some pictures, if it works.

My ROFL-Copter goes
soi soi soi

Translation, for those who aren’t into internet speech, ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing Helicopter.

A long, long time ago, way before Siri and other voice-text tools, there was Microsoft’s Sam, a tool to convert written text to spoken text.

People have always been creative, and with the help of the decrease/increase voice speed control, this very funny video was made and posted to the internet, ages ago.

I still think it’s funny. Made me laugh. The ideas that people get. Enjoy.

It Was a Quiet and Merry Christmas

….which is just the way I like it. The weather made it seem more like Easter though, but that isn’t a complaint.

My computer has been turned on for the first time in three days, during which it (and I) got a Christmas rest.

This gave me time to check out what is on sale at the AppStore, and I discovered a game for my iPad that is the most fun I’ve had since Super Mario Brothers hit the scene some 30+ years ago.

The game is called Leo’s Fortune and is not only challenging and fun, but a feast for the eyes with the lovingly detailed graphics. It is (at least in the German AppStore) on sale for a mere 0,99 €, down from 4,99 € (even at that price, you will get your moneys worth).

It’s the most beautiful and most fun game I’ve come across in decades.

It’s available for all platforms, as far as I can tell from the game’s website.