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Heartbroken, Hurt and Angry

Miez is dead.

We found her drowned in a rain water collector.

Stupidly, the owner of the rain water basin failed to put a two x four in it and/or failed to cover it.

Fucking stupid. Tragically sad.

I’m feeling so empty.

She deserved better.

Little fighter that she was.

I’m crying.

Sad and Hurting

Most of you know that Pauli has had a number of health problems in the last few months – she stopped eating because of a hairball problem, followed by a massive infection of the jawbone. Two weeks ago, the vet removed most of her teeth, she recovered for a few days and started eating again only to stop again because of a large abscess on her throat. Despite almost daily visits to the vet and numerous attempts to get her back on her feet, we seem to have failed.

We have not seen her since Sunday morning. She seems to have withdrawn to some quiet place – we have looked for her everywhere but to no avail. Cats tend to withdraw and hide when they pass and since she has never stayed away an entire night and stays away from streets, we are assuming the worst and have informed the vet accordingly.

She was 11 – goodbye my sweet.

Strange Day, Sad Day

Yesterday was a very strange day. It was cloudy the entire day, but the sky had kind of a red hue to it, which made the greens in the grass look very dark green and generally made everything look kind of strange. Everytime I went outside I got the feelíng I was living on Mars or Saturn.

It turned out that a giant cloud of Sahara dust had been carried by high winds over Europe. Sahara dust is red, and the dust was above the clouds, and it looked very interesting yesterday. I would have taken a picture but I doubt I would have been able to capture the essence of it.

Sad news.

We got a phone call yesterday from one of the restaurant owners who is the owner of Tobi’s mother (Nicki) and one of his brothers (Wuzi) (it was a total litter of eight). They wanted to know if there was any hope of puppies from one of Nicki’s children. Last week, Nicki and Wuzi had slipped away from the restaurant unnoticed and were shot at the edge of the forest by a hunter.

There are no words I can use to express my anger, outrage and sorrow.

Here is a photo of Nicki at the gathering in honor of the litter’s first birthday:, here, some of her children:

Goodbye to an Incredible Musician and Personality

I don’t know about you folks, but I sure am going to miss him.

…..Known as the “The Man in Black” to millions of music fans around the world, Cash struggled up from Depression-era sharecropper roots and became a true folk hero by listening to the myriad marginalized voices around him and setting them to song.

“Johnny Cash was a guy who was really an American cultural icon,” said longtime Atlanta country music disc jockey Rhubarb Jones.

“What I loved about Johnny Cash is … Johnny Cash had a great sense of humor — a very funny guy,” Jones told his listeners on Eagle 106.7 this morning. “We’re not going to mourn his passing, we’re going to celebrate his life.”

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution

….”U2’s Bono noted, “Nothing is as macho as Johnny Cash’s voice. A real threat you will not find in a 22-year-old. You just won’t. You can dress him up in leather pants, you can have him throw his TV out the hotel window. He can roar in front of all manner of white noise, but there’s no real threat when you’re a teenager, when you’re in your 20s or when you’re [in your] 30s. The real sh–, or what they say in New Orleans, the other kind of sh–, comes from the perspective of being in the trenches and having been around a while. All the blues guys had it. Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King. Johnny Cash has that and the voice of authority for me.”

From MTV

“…”All through the Air Force, I was so lonely for those three years,” Cash said during a 1996 interview. “If I couldn’t have sung all those old country songs, I don’t think I could have made it.”

Cash launched his career in Memphis, performing on radio station KWEM. He auditioned with Sun Records, ultimately recording the single “Hey Porter,” which became a hit.

Sun Records also launched the careers of Presley, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and others.

“Folsom Prison Blues,” went to No.4 on the country charts in 1956, and featured Cash’s most famous couplet: “I shot a man in Reno/ just to watch him die.”

Cash recorded theme albums celebrating the railroads and the Old West, and decrying the mistreatment of American Indians.

From the Melbourne Herald Sun

“…He recorded more than 1,500 songs and was the youngest person chosen for the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Cash won 11 Grammies, including the 1999 Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2002 shared Grammy for Best Country Album.

He had two singles on the country charts for 38 consecutive years, including 25 hits between 1958 and 1960.

He posted over 130 hits on the Billboard Country singles chart.

His daughters Rosanne, Tara, Cindy and Kathy and son John Carter performed with him at one time or another.

Rosanne is a country music singer-songwriter.

Cash was honored with a Kennedy Center Award in December 1996.

According to www.legacyrecords.com, he began his career as an outlaw to the Nashville establishment and came to define country music over the last 40 years.

From Rediff-India

Goodbye to a Great Lady

Goodbye to a Great Lady

New York Times

Katharine Hepburn, the actress whose independent life and strong-willed movie characters made her a role model for generations of women and a beloved heroine to filmgoers for more than 60 years, died yesterday at her home in the Fenwick section of Old Saybrook, Conn. She was 96 and also had a home in Manhattan.

Her physical presence was distinctive, her often-imitated voice filled with the vowels of a well-bred New Englander, and her sharp-planed face defined by remarkably high cheekbones. In her youth she did not have classical leading-lady looks, but a handsome beauty. In old age she was a familiar figure with her hair, gradually changing from auburn to gray, always in a topknot and her boyish figure always in the trousers that she helped to make fashionable.