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I Got Tagged

Yes, by Ms. Mac, for a Meme about 5 idiosyncracies.

Which is a bummer, because I have none πŸ˜›

But seriously folks, of course I do and here are five of them:

1) I am an incredible worry wart. If you look up that term in Webster’s, you’ll see my picture next to it. If I am having lots of stress, this gets progressively worse; i.e., sitting in the car racking my brains about whether I have turned off the coffee machine, locked the door, accidentally turned on the stove without noticing, etc.

2) My stubbornness is legendary among those who know me. If I get an idea into my head, I will find a way, ever determined, to carry it through. This in combination with pride (for example, not asking for help when I should) can drive people around me berserk. For instance, back in June, I was trying to loosen a bolt on the Kiwi that just wouldn’t budge. I slipped off the bolt a total of three times, each time smashing my wrist against the edge of the back wheel cover. By the time I hit it a third time, a walnut-sized swelling appeared immediately and only then did I stop and ask my father for help. I now know that I cracked the wrist bone that day.
Call me stupid, I know. But I wanted to do it ON MY OWN. Aaarrgghh.

3) Striving for perfection. Ha! I do actually, strive for perfection in many things I do, especially work related or in terms of crafts projects. However, last year’s filing has been on the bottom shelf of the living room table since winter, waiting for my attention, and the laundry which I hung outside on Saturday must surely be dry by now but I keep forgetting to take it down and bring it in.

4) Self-confidence? Sometimes, Sometimes not. I can take charge of a larger business meeting or negotiations with no problem at all; I’ll be the coolest, most poised, most articulate and will diplomatically get what I want. However, confront me with an attractive, well-dressed woman and my self-confidence goes out the window. I will generally regret NOT having done my nails, not having been to the hair dresser, and think “why am I so fat and ugly, anyway”. Crazy, but true.

5) It doesn’t bother me in the least for Tobi to give me a big old dog slobbery kiss, or to let him eat a piece of steak from my fork. Confront me, however, with a toddler with snot running out of his nose and it will send me running, wanting to gag.

I am passing this Meme onto Seitherin and Zippiknits.

Interview Questions from FoFuSa

SNAFU’s FoFuSa has passed on the following interview questions to me, which I am more than happy to answer:

1. Have you made out with your new motorcycle yet?

Oh, often. In between the 1000 km we have shared on the road, my Kawa Kiwi has been polished twice. Now and then I remove the side panels and the gas tank just to stroke her spark plugs and yesterday I screwed around with her for hours while installing side mirror extensions and a small luggage rack. If I press my knees really firmly against the gas tank, I find she goes on her side quite nicely in any curve.

2. Do you paint your fingernails?

Gosh, I used to. In the 80s. Fake fingernail extensions and red nail polish. I was obsessed with having decent and long nails. Thankfully, they no longer fit into my lifestyle (fishing, gardening, mc) as I don’t think that it is the “real” me anyhow. I do, however, paint my toenails in the summer for wearing sandals and going barefoot. I find polished toenails more attractive than naked ones (mine at least).

3. Coke, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper?

Used to be Pepsi. Haven’t had one in years. As a kid, I was a true fan of Dr. Pepper (and later Mountain Dew). Truth be told, I now find all three much too sweet.
Drink of choice is mineral water (or beer) ;-). ‘S what Bavaria is famous for, after all.

4. How many hours a day are you online?

I am “connected” throughout the day, often needing to access online-dictionaries and such and monitoring incoming mail. Time spent actually surfing (blogs, forums, news) I would guess at about two hours.

5. Come up with a new slogan for Viagra.

What goes up, stays up.

If I Were A Book

I would be….
(I “copped” this from Seitherin)

You’re The Poisonwood Bible!

by Barbara Kingsolver

Deeply rooted in a religious background, you have since become both isolated and schizophrenic. You were naively sure that your actions would help people, but of course they were resistant to your message and ultimately disaster ensued. Since you can see so many sides of the same issue, you are both wise beyond your years and tied to worthless perspectives. If you were a type of waffle, it would be Belgian.
Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

An Interview With a Dear Friend (Updated)

My dearest and oldest friend, Jen, has asked to participate in the interview game.

It is my pleasure to present these questions to her: (I will post her answers when they are finished, as she (regrettably) does not have her own blog.)

1) If you could visit any foreign country (that you haven’t been to) which would it be and why? What are some of the things that you would definitely do or see there?

Knowing how badly I so WANT to go to Europe – that’s so HARD – I suppose I would start off with baby steps – and spend some time in the United Kingdom – because I do not speak any foreign language that would be most beneficial throughout the rest of Europe! I think I would tour the countrysides first – the small towns – the intimacy of towns people – and such – I would probably do touristy things by visiting the various castles and ruins that remain – plus Stonehenge – I would possibly actually β€œmeet” some of the a few of the people that I have β€œmet” online – that I correspond with – but that’s not a high priority – I would definitely BEG you – to come and tour with us – meet my kids and share some love and bier!

2) If there is one, and only one thing in your life that you could do differently, what would you do differently and what changes would you expect to come from it?

Eeegad woman are you Dr. Freud or what! I would probably do things differently in my 1st marriage – IF I could – IF I know what I know NOW – IF he is sober now – like he was NOT then – and with all these IF’s floating around – I would expect that he and I would still be married today – and my children would be his children – we would be more of a β€œtraditional” family whatever that may mean – other than that – as I am ruffling through the memory banks – there may be an instant or two or ten – that I may have changed – but what is it that they say about hindsight?

3) Tell us what you treasure most in each of your two children. Describe to us what irritates you the most about each of them.

[Ed. Note, Sebastian is almost 11, Emma is 7 1/2.]

Sebastian’s treasure is for me that he’s SUCH a lover – SUCH a humanitarian!

Irritations: I think he’s hearing impaired! He KNOWs everything! He also does NOT always put forth his BEST especially in school when he is FULLY capable!

Emma’s treasure for me is that she’s so physically inclined – she’s got nature poise and grace – if she weren’t so overwhelmed by getting out there – and appreciating the cheering crowd – she could probably EASILY excel in sports or dance – I am NOT the only one who’s taken notice of this either!

Irritations: She can be defiant! She also does NOT apply herself in school it seems she has quite the penache for NOT following the classroom rules or directions – and she’s SMART!

4) Have you ever been obsessed by a single celebrity? If so, which one and during what period of your life, and why? If not, who would most likely be the prime candidate for obsessing?

Obsessed? Hmmm – quite the toughie there! A few names come to mind – Carly Simon – The Beatles – and The Cars – Carly Simon – because of her lyrics and music – making me think – guess I’ve always enjoyed filling in the gaps of my grey matter – The Beatles – because of their music – their profound effect on music in general – and The Cars – because their music seemed refreshing in a time where music seemed to have grown stale and stagnant – plus the cute guy in the band never hurt a thing – The time period of my life was ’75 – ’82 – but Obsessed? That’s a STRONG term – so I think I will say no I don’t think I was[?] – And as for the here and now? Not sure that anyone strikes my particular fancy – oh wait – how STUPID of me – Colin Firth – he’s such a pleasure to watch!

5) You and the kids are to spend the next three months on a deserted island. (Food and drink will be provided, but only this). What ten things (there is no electricity on the island) would the three of you most likely take with you, and why?

I would bring plenty of notebooks – and pens – so that I could write – whatever I would bring something to play music on and plenty of batteries to keep it operating

I would then bring CDs in which to play – For the pleasure of enhancing my wandering mind!

I would bring books – maybe the type I am currently reading – maybe a collection by ee cummings or Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost?

I would bring my camera and plenty of film – to try and capture some of what I was experiencing.

Toilet paper! Tampons! For OBVIOUS reasons! [Remember NO premeditated thought was implemented!]

Sebastian would bring every one of his stuffed buddies that he could! His Game Boy Advance and Games. Some kind of ball or balls to play with.

Emma would bring her cars, her Barbies, probably her make-up and dress-up clothes!

Both Sebastian and Emma are good at playing together and entertaining one another – occasionally a minor war escalates – but I try and nip those in the bud!

It has just occurred to me that I was not sure if you meant 10 individually – or 10 things total?

Thank you for this really fun interview, Jen!

The Interview Game, Part 2

Seitherin, whose blog can be found here, has agreed to play the interview game with me.

Here are her questions.

1) Tell us a little about the pros and cons of living in Texas. If you could live in another state in the U.S., which would it be and why?

2) You seem to get a “bee in your bonnet” quite often over this or that issue. Have you ever had a rebellious phase in your life, and if so, what is the most rebellious thing you have ever done and how old were you at the time?

3) What does your favorite coffee mug look like? Is it at home or do you keep it at the office? What makes it your favorite, and where did you get it from?

4) You have an astounding interest in all things scientific. Tell us a bit more about this aspect of yourself. Additionally, who was, in your opinion, the most significant scientist or researcher of the past 200 years and why?

5) Do you currently have any unfinished craft projects that have been neglected for more than six months? If so, describe them to us. If not, what is the last major craft project you made, and who was it for?