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Nuts, Ladders and
Creepy Crawl Spaces

For someone who is actually afraid of heights, I’ve been spending a lot of time on ladders lately.

Recently, to get up on the roof of the garage to photograph hummingbird moths. Also this week, climbing down into the depths of the dank and creepy crawl space under the basement stairs, where it is wet, dark and cold, to replace the defective sump pump. And no, I didn’t look around to see which crawly and slithery creatures might be lurking in the beam of my flashlight or in the shadows beyond. Instead, I dressed in a collared, long-sleeve flannel shirt and tucked my jeans into my socks to fully minimize any available skin space for possible attack from such creatures.

Lastly, I climbed way up on the really big ladder in the garden with a chainsaw in hand, trimming some of the branches of the walnut tree to allow the sunlight to once again slip underneath its branches and bathe some of the yard in morning sunlight.

It appears to be a good year for walnuts. I gathered the walnuts from the severed branches and am drying them out in the sun, hoping that they will ripen, despite having been picked prematurely:

Walnuts, fresh from the tree

Squares and a Guessing Game

It’s early in the day here, but I am already out of things to say, being speechless from another morning of reading the news and finding out that somebody shot people somewhere. Don’t even get me started.

Maribeth wanted to see some more of my squares, so here goes. I’ve not made any progress on the afghan in the past week, primarily due to lack of time:



I took the picture below with my iPhone and thought it looked kind of cool. The first person to guess correctly what it is gets a $5 amazon gift certificate.


The Apple Pie

turned out quite well, considering I have not made one in ages. I will make another this week for us here.

There has not been a whole lot to tell or say (or think for that matter). And, once again I am tired from hauling in the four cords of wood we got today (which I followed up with a long walk with Tobi before it got too dark).

Am going to go park myself on the sofa.