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Seeing Mom Again

Update: Motorcycle Tour with Mom through the lovely countryside this morning. (Details later, but she enjoyed it) ! Yeah, Mom!

I can now finally write about why I have been spending so much time cleaning and had no time to post here.

My Mom is visiting from stateside – flew in Thursday and came to stay with me yesterday – I haven’t seen her in five years. It was a surprise visit for most of the family, especially for Friedl, who has her 90th birthday today. There will be lots of family, from all over, celebrating with Friedl this afternoon.

Pictures later.


Mom, Geez!!!! (Thank You)

My things to wish for have changed a lot in the past 8 months since I have become a passionate biker.

Oil seals or stuff like that can make my heart beat faster. Lol. It’s true, it really is.

So when my mother called me some time ago asking me what I’d like for Christmas I knew immediately what I wanted. (No, not an oil filter – I’m not gonna chase Mom all around the state looking for the nearest Kawasaki dealer ;-P)

Long underwear. I asked for long underwear for Christmas. I guess this is a sign that I HAVE finally grown up at last. Knowing that I would also be riding the Kiwi in the winter, I wanted to have a way to stay at least a little bit warm.

Long underwear I got. Yesterday. In the mail. Made out of 100% SILK. I gasped. Touched it – what a dream!

I was skeptical about the “warmth factor” of silk however. Am now sitting here wearing just them. They are warm. They are an absolute dream – warm – silky – elegant! Makes me want to hit the local lingerie store to accessorize 😉

In the future, you MAY now ask what I’ve got on under my leathers. I might even show you.

Mom! This Post Is Not For You To Read!

Go away and read no further. Or continue at own risk but be warned, I am taking my phone off the hook. Lol.

I had another double driving hour today and got let loose on the southern half of the Autobahn Munich-Garmisch.

Yo. Me.

Holy cow is that some sort of wind at 170 kmh or what? (That’s about 100 mph).
See Mom, I told you not to read this!

I found it so much effort just to stay on the bike and not get blown off the back of the motorcycle by the wind. I drove most of it at about 150, but now and then I had to pass the slower people and (duh) in no time at all you’re up to 160 – 170. It was a very windy day also, so I had sidewinds and what not all to deal with. After half an hour I got tired of it, and was pleased to see the exit coming up on which we had entered.

My instructor was quiet as a mouse, there was nothing coming over the radio, not even a crackle. I figured the connection had broken down or the wind had ripped the receiver out of my ear (why not, since the wind pressure on the helmet was causing it to push my glasses into my forehead). So, not hearing anything from the VOICE, I exited the Autobahn.

“We’ll be turning left up there”, said the VOICE in my ear.
I nodded, downshifted, got ready to stop at the yield sign.
“Would you stop for a moment”, the VOICE in my ear said.
(This is what the VOICE always says when I am in trouble or have done something stupid.)

I looked over my shoulder and he pulled up next to me, rolled down the window.

“Why did you leave the autobahn?!!!”, asked  the VOICE WITH THE FACE.
“Ummm, hmmm, well, …….hmmmm, I thought that’s where we got on the AB, so, I thought we should get off there too.”

He just stared at me. My action was incomprehensible to him.
I offered a meek “Female logic….?”.
I was secretly happy to be back on normal roads and no longer exposed to mega-winds.

“Ok. We will be turning left here and then will be entering the AB heading for Garmisch.”

I did as I was told.

Footnote: My mother would have a coronary or personally fly a plane here to come and hit me if she knew that I had not only (1) entered the AB with a motorcycle, but (2) accelerated to that speed.

I Have Stopped Believing

in the efficiency of my electric toothbrush. Yours truly being much too cheap at the moment to replace the worn brush on the electric one, I have resorted to brushing my teeth the old fashioned way with the super quality “manual” toothbrush I bought last winter for my hospital stay.

Seriously, I feel I get a better result the old fashioned way – causing me to question why the electrical ones are propagated by most dentists I know – but that may well have to do with some as yet uncovered dental industry bribery scandal – who knows.

It has been a really goof off kind of day which then, slowly but surely, became a “project” day.

I have a huge CD collection – ranging from Def Leppard to Ella Fitzgerald to Waylon Jennings to Dire Straits to Smetana – well, I think you get the idea. Ever since my CD player bit the dust last year (not totally – it just kept “hiccuping”) I stopped listening to CDs and reverted to my old (1954) tube radio, which has quite a nice sound. This morning, I felt like listening to a CD (Robbie Williams – Swing When You’re Winning) so I did so with the help of the DVD player. It then occurred to me that the right front speaker, located under the floor of the upstairs gallery, needed to be relocated. I spliced some extra speaker wire together and placed it upstairs on the railing. Much better. Then, I decided the left speaker needed to go to the same height, which they now both are, aimed at the (12 feet high) ceiling. Sounds lovely. The acoustic qualities of this house are absolutely awesome. Of course, I spent quite a bit of time adjusting the aim and such and ended up listening to parts of I think about 30 different CDs. When the opening tones of Finlandia came out of the speakers, Tobi awoke quite startled, looked up as though some huge creature out of nowhere was going to eat him and fled into the bedroom.

It all ended up with me late in the afternoon deciding to watch a DVD – my choice of the day (one of my personal all-time favorites) The Hunt for Red October in Surround Sound – wonderful.

I have been a bit of an audiophile forever, I think. I remember the first really decent stereo I bought at the age of 16 with help of the AAFES layaway program at the Munich PX – Kenwood Tower System with cabinet and glass door, and huge Bose speakers. Lol. I don’t think I ever got to turn it up more than a quarter of the way – Mom would’ve shot me, lol.

Though I do remember getting her turned on to Willie Nelson that way. At first, she hated his voice (which does take some getting used to) and at some point, he just kind of grew on her.