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A Music Recommendation

Just in case you haven’t heard of it, there is a website called bandcamp.com that is, in its own words, a place to “Discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who make it.”

There are lots of terrific artists and really good music of all genres to discover, and you can listen to the majority of if it full length for free.

And if you find something you really like and decide to support an artist, it’s not expensive (at least for the most I’ve seen). Lots of artists ask for a minimum of $2 for their albums, though you have the option of paying more if you’d like to do so.

Go have a listen. Oh, and there’s an app for Android and iOS if you are so inclined.

I Wanna Be Like You

You’ll be tapping your feet.

This is one of my favorite songs of all time and here are two very different videos of that song, both of which never fail to make me smile.

This is the original, which apparently is geoblocked in Germany, I hope it at least works stateside.

Though I am very partial to Mr. Louis Armstrong, this cover version by Robbie Williams and Olly Murs is quite brilliant, in my humble opinion. The two of them sure look like they’re having a blast performing this. Enjoy.

Earworms and Egg Whites

Old Stewball was a racehorse,
and I wish he were mine.
He never drank water,
he always drank wine.

That song has been going around in my head all morning, and I’ve no idea why. In German, such a thing is described as having an “Ohrwurm”, which literally translates into ear worm and means “a catchy tune” or “having a catchy tune stuck in your head”.


It’s asparagus season here so I have been making lots of hollandaise (and also lots of vinaigrette,, crème brûlée, and the occasional mayonnaise). All of those recipes require egg yolks and so, as a result, I have a sizeable stash of egg whites in the freezer that I don’t know what to do with. I’ve been making angel food cakes, but I am sick of them for the time being.

So, if anyone has any good recipes that require only egg whites, please let me know or point me to them. Thanks.

The Song of My Decade

“Salt in the Wound” by Delta Spirit.

I’m lovin’ it.
Lyrics below.

I want to disappear
Far from the folks I know
I want to get an answer
To why I was even born

No one here can tell me
What’s been haunting me all my life
Well, this rat race has left me limping
‘Cause I balanced on the edge of the knife

Why am I here?
Oh, what should I do?
Well, is this the point I’m trying to prove?

If there’s a God in my head
Then there’s a devil too
How can I tell the difference
When they both claim to be true?

Maybe God is God
Maybe the Devil is me
Well, I just throw my chains on
And tell myself that I’m free

Chains, are they really there?
Is this just in my head?
Well, I’ll just stay in bed

Life sure has its meaning
Over years I have postured the sun
Thieves and preachers robbed me
For many hat that I’ve hung

Now with my heart wide open
I listen to the wind just for a word
Sure, I know it’s futile
But that’s all I have in this world

To look down from the hill and howl at the moon
All the tears I cried never salted any wounds
Well, the earth is so tender and cruel
Well, if you’re not there it’s still so beautiful

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I just heard someone on the radio singing “May It Be” and it wasn’t Enya.

Who would do such a thing????!!!!!

Didn’t come anywhere near the original.


Hurts My Ears

The number of cover versions of various songs which have been appearing on the radio in the last couple of years has often made me wonder if all creativity has gone out of the normal pop scene.

Everything from “Mandy” to “Father and Son” to “Killing Me Softly” ….. I could go on and on. Whenever I hear one of these cover version, I always wonder why an artist would even want to do a cover of a song whose original version was quite fine, thank you.

What I heard on the radio today topped them all. Someone has actually released a cover version of the so-classic “Where do you go to my lovely” by Peter Sarstedt. I about fell out of my chair. Stop it. Leave the good songs alone and write your own, dammit.

Egads. It sounds like the guy singing it is suffering from some disease that is causing extreme weakness not only to his body but his vocal cords as well.

How can you blatantly ruin such an intrinsically great song????!!!!

I Have Stopped Believing

in the efficiency of my electric toothbrush. Yours truly being much too cheap at the moment to replace the worn brush on the electric one, I have resorted to brushing my teeth the old fashioned way with the super quality “manual” toothbrush I bought last winter for my hospital stay.

Seriously, I feel I get a better result the old fashioned way – causing me to question why the electrical ones are propagated by most dentists I know – but that may well have to do with some as yet uncovered dental industry bribery scandal – who knows.

It has been a really goof off kind of day which then, slowly but surely, became a “project” day.

I have a huge CD collection – ranging from Def Leppard to Ella Fitzgerald to Waylon Jennings to Dire Straits to Smetana – well, I think you get the idea. Ever since my CD player bit the dust last year (not totally – it just kept “hiccuping”) I stopped listening to CDs and reverted to my old (1954) tube radio, which has quite a nice sound. This morning, I felt like listening to a CD (Robbie Williams – Swing When You’re Winning) so I did so with the help of the DVD player. It then occurred to me that the right front speaker, located under the floor of the upstairs gallery, needed to be relocated. I spliced some extra speaker wire together and placed it upstairs on the railing. Much better. Then, I decided the left speaker needed to go to the same height, which they now both are, aimed at the (12 feet high) ceiling. Sounds lovely. The acoustic qualities of this house are absolutely awesome. Of course, I spent quite a bit of time adjusting the aim and such and ended up listening to parts of I think about 30 different CDs. When the opening tones of Finlandia came out of the speakers, Tobi awoke quite startled, looked up as though some huge creature out of nowhere was going to eat him and fled into the bedroom.

It all ended up with me late in the afternoon deciding to watch a DVD – my choice of the day (one of my personal all-time favorites) The Hunt for Red October in Surround Sound – wonderful.

I have been a bit of an audiophile forever, I think. I remember the first really decent stereo I bought at the age of 16 with help of the AAFES layaway program at the Munich PX – Kenwood Tower System with cabinet and glass door, and huge Bose speakers. Lol. I don’t think I ever got to turn it up more than a quarter of the way – Mom would’ve shot me, lol.

Though I do remember getting her turned on to Willie Nelson that way. At first, she hated his voice (which does take some getting used to) and at some point, he just kind of grew on her.