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What an Imagination

I had a truly WTF kind of dream last night.

A bicyclist here in town got hit by a car. I kept trying to call the emergency number for ambulances but it wasn’t working. At some point, someone (no idea who) told me it wasn’t possible to call that number from a cell phone so I tried to call an operator to connect me to the right number.

At some point in the course of the dream, the ambulance did arrive, but oddly enough, later on, I was the one in the hospital. I spent a lot of time sleeping, but noticed during the short waking phases that there were other patients in the room with me. One man had really grotesque injuries all over his body that appeared to be big open lesions.

Soon I discovered that there were a few small, leech like worms that had attached themselves to my body in various places, but the nurse never had time to have a look, though I asked her to repeatedly. It appeared to be a common occurrence and I could see some of these worms fall off of the bedding of some of the other patients.

Frustrated, I finally made an appointment at another hospital. By this time there was a large group of these weird worms feeding on my right knee. I was really upset with the nurse at the new hospital, because she kept putting me off – “be another few minutes” and that kind of thing. I had discovered a really large (half an inch in diameter) creature that was slithering around just under the skin of my left arm, causing the skin to bulge. I managed to grab it and pull it out, though it struggled in an attempt to get back into my arm. As I fought to keep a grasp on it and showed it to the nurse, she casually said, “well, yes, that is a (……….), the largest of the (………) species. I yelled at her to get a bucket or something as I was almost unable to keep this huge worm from getting back into my arm. At the same time I noticed that activity on my right knee was increasing.

At this point, thank goodness, I woke up. I was completely baffled, as I usually do not dream weird stuff like this. Yeechh.
And no, I did not eat pickles or any such thing before going to bed. Nor did I watch any horror movies or read anything gross or scary.
I am clueless on this one.

There Must Be Something in the Water

or so – I had the strangest dream last night. We all (my family) lived in a four or five story building (in the top floor) and everything was fine until I saw a squadron of airplanes fly over. They were strange looking – they had the same shape as a horseshoe crab. Anyhow, they turned and came back and started shooting at our building and the buildings around us. Luckily, we all took cover as best we could and no one was hurt on the first strife. Probably also good that I awoke before they returned.