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I Think I need to

….stop reading the news. It’s just so damn depressing.

On Thursday, our government signed a new resolution regarding the handling of the refugee problem and this weekend, our Minister of the Interior, de Maziere,  undercut that resolution by declaring something completely different, followed by our Minister of Finance, Schäuble.

So, while Merkel is not at all my chancellor of choice, I do agree with the way she has been handling the refugee crisis, and I am aghast to read that two of her (up until now) most loyal ministers are sawing at the legs of the chair she is sitting on.

I’ve read more than one news article warning about the disintegration of the European Union, and I am inclined to agree. We have too many members who appear to think that being part of the EU is all taking and no giving. Hungary, Poland, some of the baltic states. I don’t understand why no one is threatening to kick them out of the EU for not pulling their weight. Same goes for the UK.

Tipping my hat to Luxembourg* though. They’ve agreed to take in 30 refugees. Yeah. 30. Someone in my Twitter-Timeline dryly commented that if it were tax-refugees instead of war refugees, they’d probably take in a lot more.

This world is so fu*** broken.

*Luxembourg is that little country that used to be governed by Jean-Claude Juncker, who is now head of the European Commission. It was under his watch that lots of large corporations such as Amazon, Ikea, just to name a few, managed to pay very little taxes in Europe, some as low as 4%, by setting up “mailbox” companies in said country.

Humanity in Action
(and Not)

Yesterday, an additional 13,000 refugees arrived in Munich and thanks to the very competent mayor, police department and 4,000 volunteers, the city of Munich is coping but still struggling to process such a staggering number of people seeking refuge. In the course of the night, the police requested donations of camping mats and blankets via twitter, as the city is beginning to run out of places to shelter the refugees. There is an emergency meeting of the Bavarian Government today to discuss the problem and look for fast solutions.

Here is a video showing how food is distributed to refugees (and how they are being housed) in Hungary. This is one of the many reasons I cannot understand why the Bavarian Minister President, Horst Seehofer, has invited the Hungarian President Orban to Munich for talk about the refugee crisis. Orban is an ultra-right dictator who has all but banished democracy from his country. I fail to understand why Hungary is still allowed to be part of the EU.


And in case you haven’t seen the video of the hungarian camera woman tripping a man carrying a small child and kicking two children, here’s that for you too.


My apologies go out to the people of Greece for the thumbscrews that were applied to them by our Minister of Finance, Mr. Schäuble and our Chancellor, A. Merkel, who for some reason, think they are Emperor and Empress of Europe. The result of the negotiations this weekend remind me of Tolkien’s  “One ring to rule them all” verse.

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Es Kann Doch Nicht Sein,

dass uns im Herbst die Bundesregierung mit der Laufzeitverlängerung der Atomkraftwerke vorgaukelte, wir benötigen alle AKWs als Brückentechnologie.

Wie erklären Sie dann, Frau Merkel, dass nun 7 alte Meiler vom Netz sind und in Deutschland die Lichter nun doch nicht flackern?

Glaubwürdigkeit? Nein.

Um vom Verhalten dieser Bundesregierung im Sicherheitsrat mal ganz zu schweigen.

Foreign Policy For Beginners

Palin takes tough stance on Russia

“Palin said she supported NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia — a move Russia strongly opposes. She also said the United States must be “vigilant” about larger powers invading small democracies.” (from CNN).

O.k., let me explain it to you honey, you seem to need a little help with some things. How should I best explain?

Let’s say that in 1991 Alaska, no, bad example, let’s say Oregon decides to seek its independence from the United States and obtains it. Let’s also assume that from about 1994 to the present, Oregon’s military are trained by special teams from Russia, and Russia supplies weapons and technology to Oregon during this period of time.

(Just as Georgia won its independence from Russia and was supported militarily by the United States).

With me so far?


Now, let us also pretend that the Warsaw Pact is still in existence, and just around about the mid-90′s, Russia seals a strategic pact with Oregon, who by now, with the encouragement of Russia and some other countries, is trying to join the Warsaw Pact.

(Just as Georgia has been supported by the U.S. and other countries in their quest to join NATO).

Still with me? O.k.

So, now it’s 2008 and Oregon decides to launch a military attack against a neighboring state, say Nevada.

(As Georgia did in South Ossetia).

Just how do you think the U.S. government might react? Not much different than the Russian one did in August of this year.

And last but not least, a little lesson in geography. Georgia is located on the Black Sea with Russia bordering on the north and the countries of Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan in the south. So why do they want it to join Nato? Because of it’s strategic importance and oil/gas pipelines.

All of it had very little to do with democracy in any form.

So please don’t be blowing hot air in the direction of Moscow. It’s bad enough that Bush managed to talk the Poles into letting him install a missile shield there which Europe does not need and only serves to piss off the russians.

Got me?

If you want to have a look at the view from the other side, I suggest this article from today’s issue of the Independent (that’s a major British newspaper you probably haven’t come across yet).

Vladimir Putin: ‘Georgia? We couldn’t just let Russia get a bloody nose’

From The News

“The rich man’s CEO president is executing his job requirements perfectly”
Mark Morford, SF-Gate

…………”And then, the kicker. Then you read that Bush has actually ordered an official probe into the botched Katrina relief efforts, a formal federal investigation into what went wrong, which is a bit like a shark ordering an investigation into what happened to all the fish. Unless this probe starts and ends in the White House, unless it hangs Bush himself up by his monkey ears and dangles him over a river of toxic Louisiana sewage, it’s merely useless and insulting and more than a little sad…..”

Morford always seems to hit the nail on the head, so to speak. For the complete article, click here.


Just sitting here not awake at all, since I have not showered yet. We ran out of heating oil yesterday, so there is no hot water. I could go next door to shower, but I can’t be bothered and will just wait until noon, by which time the oil truck will have filled the tanks and the water is back to being hot. Bad timing, running out of heating oil now 🙁 at these prices.


I only have 11 pattern iterations to go on little Emma’s scarf (she turned 8 yesterday). When I sat down to work on it, I had completely forgotten the pattern again and couldn’t find my notes. Thus, I went back to Seitherin’s A Stitch in Time to retrieve it, and feverishly worked on it until the debate started.


There is no way I would vote for a woman who traveled to see Bush at the beginning of the Iraq war to pledge her party’s support for the war some three+ years ago, and there are a multitude of other reasons why I would not vote for CDU/CSU, but I watched yesterday’s debate between Gerhard Schröder and Angela Merkel with much interest (and some amusement).

Mr. Schröder was the clear winner of the debate and showed himself as a statesman through and through. I found the press coverage this morning somewhat odd; the voter polls of the major German newspapers indicate that the viewers clearly felt that Schröder won the debate. The Guardian stated that Merkel was the clear winner, Al-Jazeera honed in on the discussion about Iraq, and some other source (forgive me, I’ve forgotten which as I’ve read so many this morning) stated that Merkel is a second-rate politician at best. That sums it up, I guess.

Since this is my first time voting as a german citizen, I am following the campaigns with much interest (even though my mind has long been made up).

Based on a Few Emails I Have Received

I think I need to clarify yesterday’s post.

I do understand why the coverage of the death of the Pope is so intense. And I agree that it should be so.

I just do not understand why CNN compares the press coverage of an event such as the reelection of Bush with the press coverage of the death of the Pope. For me, that’s an apples and oranges comparison.

Comparing an event in Bush’s life to an “event” in the Pope’s life is, IMHO, an insult to his holiness.

May Johannes Paulus II rest in peace.

I will miss him.

I Guess I Don’t Really Understand

this part of my CNN AM Quicknews Mail:


Major news media around the world devoted 10 times as many stories to Pope John Paul II’s death as they did to the re-election of President Bush, according to an analysis released Monday.”

Well. Really. That is just sooooo surprising. Just can’t imagine. Unbelievable, huh?

Unless, of course, CNN is now also of the opinion that Bush is bigger than the Pope.