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Europe’s Father-In-Law

Christian X of Denmark is often referred to as that. I had a chance to watch another episode of the discovery series about Christian X and his descendants (which are represented in most all european monarchies, hence the name).

Among others, Queen Margrethe and Crown Prince Frederik (Denmark) were interviewed in the series and I daresay, Frederik is quite a cute fellow.

Yes, that is all for today. End of broadcast from cold, grey, rainy Bavaria.

I Actually Missed Watching the First Half of

the wedding and various ceremonies, mainly due to the fact that I was off on a huge parking lot riding this baby for over an hour while it was snowing quite fiercely. By the time I was finished, I was soaking wet and had ceased being able to feel my toes.

But it was FUN. Even though I was just riding around the parking lot, and at one point the instructor made me drive around in a circle. I kept waiting for him to tell me to do something else but he didn’t, so I started driving the circles in the opposite direction. That was terribly boring. Later on, when driving back and forth across this large parking lot, the instructor told me to accelerate, which I did. Wow. Cool. Awesome. I was too much of a chicken to accelerate as much as he wanted me to, I must admit, because to me it looked like there was not enough parking lot left to slow down before having to do a u-turn.

The entire time, I was terrified that I might do something to make the motorcycle tip over; with a weight of 160 kG (about 360 lbs), when it reaches a certain angle of tilt, it is impossible to hold on to it. I came close to tipping it over when the instructor ordered me to pull over to him and stop. I made the mistake of breaking while the steering was turned just a tad to the left. If he had not been there to help me catch it, it would have hit the ground. Yours truly would have had a very bad conscience – as the motorcycle is brand new and had all of 48 km on it this morning when I got on it.

I did manage to break it though – while returning to the garage, the instructor walked next to me while I was “driving” it at a walking pace. At some point, I had the clutch half in, trying to keep the speed low for the instructor to keep up with me, when I think I apparently hit the acceleration a bit accidentally and at the same time, managed to hit the “on” switch. The motorcycle would not restart after that little incident.

I hope they get it fixed in time for my early morning lessons on Wednesday. I would hate to have to switch to the 600 cc Hornet already on which I will be tested for the final test.

Either way, I got home, had some lunch and while warming up my frozen body in the bathtub, watched as the guests began arriving in the Chapel at Windsor Castle.

The hats were very impressive. And I saw one lady pick her nose. And was amazed at how big Fergie’s girls have gotten. I felt quite sorry for Camilla during the service, as she seemed very nervous and uncomfortable and I was thoroughly relieved that her headdress did not fly away on the church steps.

I wish them well. This may well be one of the biggest love stories of the century, if you think about it.

Grey. Everything. Grey.

There has been quite a drop in temperature and it is very grey and rainy.

Which appears to be affecting my mood in quite a negative way today. I am feeling whiny, insecure, useless, and generally idiotic.
But this too shall pass.

I thought it ironic that it is to snow tomorrow, seeing as I have my first motorcycle driving lessons (two of them, back to back) in the morning.

While washing the dishes today, it occurred to me that I no longer know how I feel about Camilla Parker Bowles. How’s that for a revelation. I always had an extreme dislike for her, considering how she continued her affair with Charles even after he was married. Which on the other hand is a very hypocritical stance for me to take (for reasons on which I won’t expound upon here). Not now, anyway.

On the other hand, they have been together for 35 years – that is a hell of a long time – more than most marriages last. Which again leads me to wonder if the relationship will survive the marriage – if you know what I mean. There are countless couples who managed to stay together for decades; quite often when they do decide to marry after such a long time, things don’t work out. People start arguing over stupid shit like toothpaste tubes and stray socks and other things that are so painfully unimportant.

I read and heard today that the guest list is quite interesting; the interesting part is not who IS going to appear but who ISN’T. Most of the European royals are keeping their distance as is Queen Elisabeth also. My theory is that she will now absolutely not abdicate the throne to Charles, but instead will attempt to become as old as her mother, that wonderful, sweet, colorful Queen Mum. That way she can prevent him from ascending to the throne and prevent Camilla from becoming Queen. HRH Elisabeth is bound to become older than Charles – just look at the genetics issue of it. She has at least half the genes of her mother – Charles has just a fourth, at the most.

Either way, I guess I do wish them a nice wedding and happiness. That is the romantic in me speaking. But I would look forward to a press snapshot sometime in the future of Camilla having been caught sneaking around the palace in her green rubber boots. That is the evil me speaking.

Bet you didn’t expect a “Boulevard” post from me, did you? And such a bunch of BS.