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I should probably just stop watching tournament soccer matches, I think I’m getting too old for the excitement and suspense of it all.

Knowing that Germany has NEVER managed to beat Italy in a European nor World Cup tournament, I sat down to watch the game with an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

“Suffering” through 120 minutes of fast, suspenseful and brilliant soccer, followed by extended penalty shooting, kept me on the edge of my seat and up  well past midnight, and probably gave me a few gray hairs in the process. But it was worth it, as Germany managed to finally “break” the “curse of Italy”.

Tonight’s game is Iceland-France, and yes, I’ll be watching and cheering for Iceland.

Good thing this tournament will be over soon.

Go Iceland, GO!

In an unbelievably fast and exciting match which was, basically, edge-of-your-seat soccer, Iceland beat England yesterday evening with a final score of 2-1. Iceland is thus in the quarterfinals of the european cup and England is out of the match, giving the song “Football is Coming Home” an entirely new meaning.

See Iceland’s team and fans celebrate just after the game at this link (sorry, it would not embed – darn copyrights).

What a team – what a game! Thank you, Iceland. You are amazing!

World Cup (con’t)

It took me a good night’s sleep to get over the shock of the Germany/Italy game. I think it wouldn’t have been such a punch in the stomach if the goals had occurred sometime during the game – but two minutes before the end of overtime – whoah.

Either way, they did well, got much further in this tournament than most people thought they would and Klinsmann really made a team out of this very young assemblage of soccer players. Kudos to him and to the team for what they have accomplished.

I was glad to see Zidane and his team make it to the final game – and will be rooting for France on Sunday evening. A last great victory for Zidane before he leaves the playing field forever – that would be quite nice.

And Germany should, of course beat Portugal for 3rd place, but I think I said something similar about Italy…. 😉

May the best team win.


More football in 45 minutes. First, England vs. Portugal and then France vs. Brasil.

Have I mentioned that I am a complete fan of Zidane? I have? Oh, then never mind 🙂

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A Few Grams of Valium Might Have Been Useful (Germany-Argentina 4:2)

I dreaded the football game between Germany and Argentina because I knew it would be a nail biter. I decided to knit while watching it, as knitting relaxes me. When they went into overtime with the game at 1:1 I left the living room to go clean the bathroom – I just couldn’t stand to watch it anymore.

When penalty shooting started, I sat back down to watch, grasping one of Tobi’s playing balls in my hand so hard that I thought I would crush it.

I was so exhausted and so glad when it was over


From Soccer. Watched both games yesterday, Germany – Latvia (0/0) and Holland – Czech Republic (2/3). Wow.

Tonight I will be watching Spain vs. Portugal (one game per evening is quite enough, I think).

And guess what. I remembered Father’s Day this year – even made him a card myself AND remembered to call. Just goes to show there is always room to improve with just a bit of effort 😉

Wow, What a Game… (England/France)

SF Chronicle writes “Injury time was already under way and 30,000English fans were dreaming of celebrating a Euro 2004 victory over defending champion France.

Then Zinedine Zidane took over.

Zidane, one of the world’s best soccer players, curled a free kick past goalkeeper David James to tie it. A minute later, Zidane drove home a penalty kick, after James upended Thierry Henry, to give France a stunning 2-1 victory.”

Hope you saw it, or at least get to see those two fantastic goals. Wow.