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Such a Bore

I’ve been such a bore and retreated into my shell in the last few weeks.

We’ve had weeks of bad weather – bad meaning, plunging temperatures, icy rain, nighttime frost – and so, in between the navel gazing, I’ve been treated to lots of free exercise in carring potted plants in and out of the house. So often in fact, that all of the outdoor plants, including the hanging petunias, now have predetermined spaces here in the house.

This week, we’re being treated to a bunch of cold air coming from the polar circle, which is why temps this morning are just at 38F and it’s been raining elephants and hippos. Our weather for the extended Easter weekend was no better.

All that translates into extra knitting time, though I’d rather be doing things outdoors, and it enabled me to finish that blanket in what appears to be record time. However, it was knitted with a 6,5 mm (US 10 1/2) needle, so it went very fast. I did extend the size of the blanket by adding an extra row of squares at the top. I’m very pleased with the result. It was knitted with two strands (one woolen sock yarn and one alpaca) and is wonderfully soft and warm.

Metric Muddles

We have had wonderful spring weather for the last week or so, and it has been rejuvinating to enjoy going barefoot, wearing shorts, and catching some rays.

Now that we have a long holiday weekend (Sunday/Monday are Pentecost), we are getting the downside and just this morning I received an alert from our national catastrophe organisation (oh, so many useful apps out there) that we should be expecting rain in quantities of 80 liters / square meter over the next two days.


Feel free to convert that to inches, if you are feeling particularly bored today.

All That Computer Stuff

Our weather has been really crazy the last couple of days. On Monday, we literally suffered at temps of 98F, which is really unusually hot for Germany. (No one here has air conditioning because summer temperatures anywhere over 88F are very much the exception.) Yesterday, the temps dropped to from 98F to 71F, so I’m back in socks for the time being.

I was delighted the other day to find that 2TB hard drives are now available in a format which will fit into a normal laptop. I checked about a year ago and there was a 1.5TB model available, but it was built too high for use in normal laptop bays. The internal drive on my MacBook is too small to house all my photographs and various media, so whenever I boot OS I’ve got an external drive connected which contains all of that data, which is a pain in the neck.

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I have been looking so forward to spring, but it has left us, it seems. It has been raining for over a week and even before that, the merry month of May wasn’t the best, in regard to weather.

It got even better yesterday when we had temperatures of 41F, it rained, hailed, sleeted and the snowfall height dropped to just around 700 meters (I live at about 650).

On the other hand, I should consider it positive as had the weather been wonderful, I would have hated it for not being able to get away on my motorcycle. My schedule at the moment is a brutal one, and I am looking forward to getting some undisturbed time off at some point in summer. In fact, I desperately need a break, I really do.

We had a holiday on Thursday and in the morning, the rain paused, allowing me to take a long and lazy jaunt down by the river with Tobi. In the afternoon I caught up on sleep and then tried to get the house into some sort of order resembling civilised living.

Here a few pictures:

A beautiful little snail which was crossing the road. I picked her up and carried her to the other side when I had finished fotographing her.

The sight of dark and gloomy clouds in the sky has grown regrettably familiar. Everything is very green due to all the rain, but I find myself longing for incredible heat and dried out, yellow lawns.

An Update on the Bear

He has fled back into Austria (thank goodness) where he may also be shot on sight.

They found some fur of his and did a DNA analysis. His name is JayJay1. It turns out that he comes from an Italien group of bears which is part of a re-populating process in Trentino. Apparently, his mother was also a very aggressive bear and taught him all of the wrong things (meaning, the bear can’t help it – it’s how he was raised). Animal groups are trying and hoping to catch him alive, and get him settled in a wildlife park north of Munich. Let’s hope they succeed!

click here for the complete article (in german). Hey, I didn’t feel like translating it 🙂

A Visitor From Southern California

found her way to my blog (probably due to my numerous rants about the weather as of late).

Dottie left this comment:

“I am from California and want to visit the castle and was looking for some information on the weather there in September and… well… instead I found your website. Which by the way is really good. It would be greatly appreciated if you could post on your website the best month (weather wise) to visit.”

Glad to be of help to you. First of all, September is an excellent month to visit. Courtesy of www.weather.com, here are the average temperatures for Munich, Germany:

Here some information regarding precipitation averages (we get most of our rain in summer):

I will be assuming that the castle you wish to visit is Neuschwanstein, though there are others that King Ludwig II built. Ludwig II (known to his fans today as “Kini”) died unter mysterious circumstances – he drowned in two feet of water in the Starnberger Lake which is just south of Munich. He is still loved today, and the casket containing his remains may be viewed in the cellar of the St. Michael’s Church which is in the pedestrian zone of downtown Munich.

If you’ve made it to that part of Munich, you might be a bit hungry and/or thirsty. Within shouting distance of St. Michael’s, you can find the Augustinerbräu Restaurant in the Fussgängerzone (Pedestrian zone). It’s one of my favorites in Munich, offering very traditional Bavarian food in a very traditional Bavarian setting. They also offer menus in english.

Dottie, I hope I was of some help to you.

Record Snowfall

I was quite amazed at the amount of snow that had accumulated yesterday in the course of the day:

This morning, it was twice as bad. I thought I’d woken up in a disaster movie. The news said it was the most severe snowfall we’ve had in 20 years.

I believe them. I can’t even see the street anymore out of my kitchen window:

Now, if I could only get the garage door open, I’d go in there to sit on my Kiwi and cry.