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My Weird Subconscious

The last weeks have been quite the ride, in political terms. So, I’m not really surprised that apparently, my subconscious has decided to go completely rogue at night.

My father has a rather genial dental prosthesis (the chemo all but ruined his teeth) and his dentist called him in to check how it is fitting these days. He came back from the dentist without his “teeth”, and was told to come back at lunchtime after the lab had had a chance to do some refitting. It is now seated very well according to him.

Coming up very soon, I have a four-hour dental appointment because three adjacent teeth need capping. Yes, I’m dreading it. I hate dental work, because I’ve had too much of it in my life.

Anyhow, the night after my father’s dental adventures, I dreamt that in advance of my dental appointment, my dentist was planning to pull out all of my teeth in order to refit them, so that they would fit better when re-inserted with the new dental work. In my dream, I went to the dentist’s office to confront him about not wanting to do this and in the dream (as in real life) he was very accommodating and said that we can adjust the treatment plan for him to just pull the three teeth that are affected, before capping and re-inserting them.
I agreed only after he confirmed that I would be put completely under for the procedure.

I’m not even going to mention the very detailed, HD quality dream I had THE SAME NIGHT about the aliens that came to “soothe and take over” our minds – it was awful.

Yes, apparently, I’m now really deranged.

Not A Mouse

A few years back, I had a mouse in the house and posted about it here.

Friday evening, I was sitting on the sofa, with no TV or radio on and I kept hearing very tiny “scritch” noises in the general direction of the bedroom. I got up two or three times, flashlight in hand, looked all over the place, but could detect nothing. Eventually, I forgot about it.

I got a repeat on Saturday evening. This time, I didn’t give up as easily and finally determined that the noise was coming from the logs next to the wood-burning stove. It took me a while, but I finally figured out that the noise was being made by one particular piece of wood. Apparently, in the continued process of drying, it is separating itself from the bark, making “scritch” sounds like a little mouse fighting its way into a walnut would make.

Go figure.
I’ve heard of “watching paint dry” but “listening to logs dry”?

The offending log:




I have now finished the second of my Slipper Socks and am no longer having to switch the single one from foot to foot in order to have warm feet. 🙂


My knee must be bothering me at night because last night I dreamt that I went to my orthopedic doctor (whom I swore I would never visit again after he issued me a statement for my insurer regarding my knee that went something like “had some trouble with…..a few years ago……without further examination it is impossible to determine whether the injury will recur….” and charged me 50 € for a complete useless medical certificate.)

Anyhow, this time (in my dream) instead of fitting me with inlays for my shoes, providing me a very good knee brace and getting his physiotherapist to snap my fibula bone back into place where it belongs, he sold me a very sexy pair of high heeled half-boots. I was a bit astounded, but tried them on and my knee was better right away.

And I’ve not even been eating pickles before going to bed.