The 13% and the other 87%

We feared that the right-wing and national AfD would be voted into the Parliament in Sunday‘s election, and they were. Strangely, when you look at the different parts of the country and the percentage of support for this party, it‘s the parts where there are the least refugees which reflects the highest support this anti-refugee, anti-european AfD.

I‘ve read in several places that around 8% of the total support that they AfD received was from protest voters. While I find this comforting, on the one hand, it has me seething on the other – for how can anyone cast a vote for a Nazi party – even a protest vote – just how could they?

As is the entire world, I am sure,  I am just so worn down by the dangerous antics, assinine rhetoric and complete cluelessness of DJT, that the german election results make me want to run in to a wall in complete energizer bunny style. THUMP. THUMP. THUMP……

Anyhow, if anyone is interested in getting some interesting background on what is happening in Germany, Al Ledson dedicated one of his latest eposides of his „Reveal“ Podcast to precisely this.

A link  to the episode can be found here.

(In my humble opinion, the Peabody Award winning Podcast „Reveal“ is one of the best podcasts there is – so even if this episode doesn‘t capture your interest, I‘m sure that one of the others will.)

One thought on “The 13% and the other 87%”

  1. Thank heavens for your insight! I had tuned in to hear of these results not exactly sure what that meant for Germany or the European Union, but yeah I thought I had heard the Nazi word referenced in the delivery of the news thinking to myself surely NOT – not now – not in THIS day and age – not after ALL the things we have since discovered – but alas my ears did not deceive me (so sad about that, do “we” never learn?!). By the way the Follett books (in the second one I think the war may be on its way to winding down) – very interesting and well coordinated, as ever thank you!

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