The Adventures of Stupid (Me)

First of all, I’ve been keeping this picture to myself for too long and would now like to share it:

I’ve been placing a wide board across the bottom of the kitchen doorway to block the kitchen in an eventual escape of the Little Guy. Not a big problem, I spent all kinds of time stepping over it, but yesterday afternoon, as it got darker, I was deep in thought and wanted into the kitchen for something or another. I completely oversaw the board and fell over it into the kitchen, onto my granite tiles.

Checking the damage afterward, I noticed that one knuckle on my hand was bleeding and the knee didn’t feel so great. I saw that it was busted open and was about to put a large bandage on it, when I felt that something about it didn’t look right. I dashed next door to my folks and got a second opinion, and ended up in the emergency room.

To make a long story short, the surgeon removed part of the bursa, which I’d damaged, and stitched me up. I get to wear a brace for the next two weeks to keep me from bending the knee.

Crutches suck. So does stupidity.

3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Stupid (Me)”

  1. Oh my good gosh Karen – ouch much? Not as spry as we once were and that’s definitely not fun! Hmmm possibly a working “door/gate” of sorts that legitimately opens and closes with perhaps some kind of latching mechanism? Then you could pretty it up in your inimitable fashion!

  2. Oh my goodness, Karen! I am so sorry that this happened. If it makes you feel any better, I do crazy stuff like this all the time! Really, I do. Get well soon! Gute Besserung!
    I came over today to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I’ve been a busy bee here as I’m the cook this year and I am doing Thanksgiving with all the bells and whistles! Wish you lived closer. I would bring you a plate or just get the wheel chair out and come and get you!

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