Things in the Night

Per chance, I came across a relatively game trail camera and purchased it. We have lots of sensor-activated outdoor lights in the garden and often, late in the evening, I notice them going on and off.

Whether it be cats, hedgehogs, foxes, martens – I’ve always been curious as to what creatures come through under cover of darkness.

The first two nights, the camera recorded nothing – just me setting it up and it getting taken down again in the morning.

Last night, it took some video footage and while viewing it, had me scratching my head. Only after watching it a few times I finally saw the mouse that appears to jump out of the flowerpot in the right of the frame and dash across the lawn.

Just a mouse, but it’s a start. Kind of see-through though. Maybe it’s not a mouse, just leaves.

I’ll stay on it.


7 thoughts on “Things in the Night”

  1. I’ll take your word for it that something happened ’cause I didn’t see it. But then, I had my eyes dilated for my check up this morning and I still can’t see all that well.

  2. Don’t know if you’ve followed any of the news about Hurricane Harvey, but I’m in the area of its influence and doing fine.

    1. Not naturally, no. They were accidentally brought here a long time ago, and have become an actual plague in the northern parts of Germany, as they have no natural enemies here.
      None down here though. Yet. 😉

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